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Program and Project Management

Our Servcies are focusing to deliver your projects in SCOPE, TIME and BUDGET with experienced people to work in waterfall or agile approaches.

BPM (Business Process Management)

Our Servcies are based on "activity based costing" approach.

You are only to able to derliver better results when you are measure them.

Benchmarking of IT sourcing

With our projects we got a set of Indicators which are essential to get for what you have paid.

We are delivering benchmarks for IT services, give your ideas how to restructure your current services contract and support you in developing strategies to renegotiate with your delivering partners.

Digitalization in Production


Together with our partner ivii GmbH we help clients in the industrial and automotive industry to reshape their production processes in the services arena.

Software Evaluation.png
Software Evaluation

With our experienced consultants we are able to help our clients in transforming their business strategy into IT systems.

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